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About Eugenea

Eugenea was born in the Southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, the daughter of renowned painter Boris Belmasov. Showing great promise from an early age, she was the youngest student in thirty years to be accepted by the V.I.Surikov Russian Academy of Art, Moscow. Graduating after six years of extensive training, Eugenea spent many years working and exhibiting in Russia. She has lived in Wellington since 1994, exhibiting at International Art Centre and with distinction in Germany, Switzerland and the United States.

Although Eugenea is best known for her paintings of ballerinas and stage performers, her subject matter is extensive. In 2011 a small series of works entitled Auckland Landmarks sold out within days. The most recent series of small scale works, The Seaside Paintings have also met with resounding success. Whatever the choice of subject, the work of this artist is readily identifiable. Eugenea often contrasts impasto - the thick application of oil paint - with finely painted skin tones - all to great and memorable effect.