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About Mike Norris

B. 1957
Hampshire England / New Zealand

A fascination with wildlife drawing and the world of nature began as a young child and continues to this day. As a 12-year-old, Norris remembers the gift of Collin's Book of British Birds as a life changing event. The book ignited an interest in ornithology and wildlife which went hand-in-hand with sketching the natural world. Whilst training as an engineer, Norris made time to do what he loved best. He attended night school classes and was encouraged and inspired by tutor Berrisford Hill, who exhibited professionally at an established Dorset gallery.

Eventually Norris made the decision to pursue a career as a professional artist and by the end of the 1980s he was exhibiting with the Westminster Gallery, London and at Christies with the Society of Equestrian Artists. In 2003 his love affair with New Zealand began and today the sculptor divides his time between the two hemispheres.

Working in the traditional lost wax method, Norris casts his limited edition bronzes at Wellington's leading foundry. Capturing the individual personality of each subject, be it a bird of prey, owl or new born chick, he creates outstanding bonzes of the highest international standard. Each work is hand-polished with patinas of varying hues. The Norris flock flies worldwide to appreciative collectors and admirers around the globe.

These sculptures are appreciated and collected by buyers worldwide.

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