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About Franco Anselmi

Born in Treviso, Northern Italy in 1950 the young Anselmi attended Urbino University graduating in languages and sociology. Since 1975 Anselmi has enjoyed international success as a professional artist. The 20th century school of Italian Futurism which glorified themes of speed and technology was an influence on his early work and now, thirty years on the creations of Anselmi are synonymous with contemporary Italian style and sophistication.

Favoured subjects include glamours women, often in trios or pairs, Byzantine style madonnas and trademark Anselmi animals. The nocturnal owl, wisest of birds, is the only creature portrayed with two eyes, indicative of a balanced view of the world. The Anselmi imagination knows no bounds and his modern day frescoes and pyramids embody the Venetian School's love and understanding of colour. These works are a visual celebration of life. Anselmi has the power to make your day with art that makes you smile.

Anselmi exhibits throughout Europe and recently in Hong Kong and Paris. International Art Centre have held several solo exhibitions, two of which Anselmi was able to attend in person. His work sells worldwide.

See below unique Anselmi 'Grand Canal' Pyramid.

Franco Anselmi - d'Oro Venezia Oil fresco

The 2010 exhibition brochure for Anselmi Italia can be viewed below

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