Lance O'Gorman

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About Lance O'Gorman

Lance O'Gorman is amongst a select group of living New Zealand artists who holds a well-earned place in collections worldwide. Working from a sound skill base of artistic principals, throughout a life long career as a professional artist, O'Gorman's large body of work is diverse yet recognisably his own. Generous in imparting knowledge, many aspiring artists have benefited from his tutelage.

O'Gorman's early works were traditional and impressionistic, often under-painted in soft mauve hues which have become something of a trademark. In recent years the artist has successfully developed and extended his abstract work resulting in the hugely successful Journey Series. From 2015 the atmospheric Moody Blues Series evolved. Paintings from this well received series were showcased in the Masters Exhibition of 2018. O'Gorman immortalises the New Zealand landscape through the hand and brush of a master artist. Now in his late seventies, O'Gorman's work resonates with energy as he continues to sees the world from a fresh prespective .

A member of the New Zealand, Australian and British Fellowship of Artists O'Gorman holds many awards including a Kelliher Prize. Australian Artists magazine named Lance O'Gorman as a favourite New Zealand artist. Publications include Northland - A Portrait, The Art of Lance O'Gorman and Auckland, City of Sails.

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