Lance O'Gorman

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About Lance O'Gorman

Lance O'Gorman is amongst a select group of New Zealand artists who have become a household name. He lives in Auckland, where he has taught and painted for many years. Early works were traditional and impressionistic often underpainted in the soft mauve hues which have become something of a trademark. In recent years the artist has successfully developed and extended his abstract work culminating in the hugely successful Highway Series of paintings. These striking works embody O'Gorman's distinctive technique with the appeal of a fresh and exciting perspective.

A member of the New Zealand, Australian and British Fellowship of Artists O'Gorman holds many awards including a Kelliher Prize. In a recent issue of the Australian Artists magazine Lance O'Gorman was nominated favourite New Zealand artist. Books on his work include Northland - A Portrait, The Art of Lance O'Gorman and Auckland, City of Sails.

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